Alexander York Fitness started as a concept in 2010. With the guidance of mentors in areas covering fitness, nutrition, and business I was able to perfect the platforms and formats necessary to provide clients with a service that demands results. In 2016 I was proud to introduce my vision to the world. Alexander York Fitness delivers a multi faceted approach to health by way of Personal Training, Sport Specific Performance Training, Competition Prep, Nutrition and supplemental guidance all backed by the most up to date scientific data.

In-Person Training

Develop both your physical body and your mind and access to the lowest pricing in the greater Wilmington area


ONLINE Training

Get 24-hour email access to your coach and custom programs and routines to fit your goals.


Healthy Lifestyles

With more than 10 years of my life being fully enveloped by the Fitness and Health industry, my list of clients ranges from early childhood development through top tier mixed martial artists by way of the (UFC and Bellator) and NHL Players. With more than 1000 satisfied clients my curriculum has been shaped and perfected by clients from every walk of life. As a Certified Personal Trainer and N.A.S.M. fitness and nutrition specialist I pride myself on understanding the science behind a healthy lifestyle and the application of proper nutrition necessary to reach any health & performance goals.

Bring your vision to life.